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Medical facts
Adams desire is a scientific blend of eight highly potent natural actives that numerous research have proven to turn around cases of several common occurring sexual dysfunction peculiar to adult males.

Adams desire achieves fuller and firmer erection by preventing the deposition of fibrin on the capillary walls, increasing blood flow to the penis.

It also induces peripheral relaxation of smooth muscles in the vas deference, seminal vesicles, prostrate and urethra by its effect on the nitric oxide/cGMP pathway thereby prolonging intra-vaginal ejaculation/penetration latency time.

Adams desire Contains amino acid arginine which increases sperm production Also contains Terristris tribulus extract that supports spermatogenesis, improving both sperm count and morphology.

Adams desire Increases the natural level of testosterone thereby exerting anti fatigue effect. Reduces cortisol to normal when abnormally high thus alleviating weakness associated with stress. Increases blood flow and oxygenation to the muscle tissues, thereby increasing their function in maintaining stamina.

Adams desire Inhibits the action of acetyl- cholinesterase on neurotransmitters, increasing the level of cholinergic neurotransmitters associated with sexual arousal enhancement. Adams desire Contains amino acids alanine, tyrosine and histidine required to produce these cholinergic neurotransmitters. Adams desire Increases serotonin level that is crucial to memory and sensory stimulation leading to arousal.

Dosage Form:
Adam's Desire comes in the form of capsules
Packs of 60s, 30s and 15s capsules
1 capsule daily for a minimum of eight weeks to achieve best results
Side effects
There are presently no known or recorded side effects. Adams desire is naturally sourced and generally safe to use.

Precaution: patients with cardiovascular disease conditions such as hypertension should ensure that their blood pressure is under control through regular checks before and during the use of this product

Adams desire is specially formulated to; Improve weak and irregular erections Improve low libido (low sexual drive) Improve low stamina Improve Low sperm count and sperm morphology (sperm cell structure)

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